What does ‘CLICS’ stand for?

Clinical Image Capture and Storage!

How secure is CLICS?

We have worked very hard to make sure CLICS is as secure as possible and that starts with the mobile platform. CLICS is only available for the most secure mobile platform; Apple iOS.

In addition:

  • Images captured with the App can only be viewed with the App and do not appear on the camera role.
  • Images are transferred using public key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption technology so that only the intended recipient(s) can view them.
  • Images can only be sent to members of the senders team or authorised external users.
  • Image transactions are logged for auditing purposes.
  • Images cannot be forwarded.
  • Images are automatically deleted from mobile devices after a specified time. This time can be configured by the team Administrator.
  • All images are automatically transferred to the health facility Electronic Medical Record (EMR). CLICS On-Premise image archiving is available for facilities that do not have an EMR.

What is a CLICS Team?

A CLICS Team is a group of affiliated CLICS users who have been authorised to capture, store and send images. Typically a team would be associated with a health facility like a hospital or clinic. Members of a team can only collaborate with other members of their team or with authorised external consultants.

What is the role of the Team Administrator?

The Team Administrator is responsible adding, removing and approving members of the team that they are responsible for. All teams have an administrator.

What image formats are supported?

CLICS can support almost any image format for forwarding to EMR’s including PNG, JPEG and DICOM. Images can also be automatically encapsulated within a PDF or Word document. Contact us for further details regarding available EMR formats.

What Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems are supported?

CLICS can automatically inject images into most major EMR’s and scanned medical record applications. Contact us to discuss the requirements for your specific EMR.

Can I send images to consultants who not on my team?

Yes, however the consultants must be approved by your team administrator before they can receive images. To make a request to add an external consultant to your team, click on the ‘+’ on the App address book and add their details. Your team administrator will then be notified and have the option of approving the request. Once approved, the external consultant will need to download and install the App. You will then be able to send images to them.

Why do my images disappear from the App after a few hours?

Images in CLICS have a lifetime after which they are automatically deleted. Your team administrator can set the lifetime to a value consistent with your health facilities guidelines.

Is CLICS available for non-clinical users?

No, CLICS is specifically designed for clinical use. In order to access the CLICS service you must be a health professional. This includes doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and health administrators. CLICS is available to for use across the majority of health services, including general practice, sole practitioners, clinics, professional rooms and public and private health facilities. If you are interested in the application of CLICS technology within the corporate sector, please contacts us for details regarding cloud deployed and self hosted secure messaging solutions.

What is CLICS On-Premise?

CLICS On Premise is an clinical image archiving application primarily intended for teams that don’t have access to a traditional electronic medical record (EMR) application. It can be installed locally within a health facility or accessed via the public cloud. On Premise archives CLICS for iOS clinical images and the associated meta-data in a simple easily searchable format. On Premise also includes connectors for third party downstream EMR’s such as CPF, 3M Chartview, Alarta and a variety of image archiving applications.  By using these connectors it is possible to integrate CLICS with a variety of EMR’s without custom development.

Is On-Premise access included within the monthly CLICS subscription.

No, On-Premise is provided under a software as a service (SaaS) agreement for an annual service fee. Contact us for further details.